Duramacks Structures
February 22, 2017

It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Tim and the Duramacks crew. They have built 3 barns for me to date: 2 ceder barns in Cheyenne and now our large dream barn, also board and batten, in Loveland.
I have watched watched their team labor in wind, snow, mud, and rain and never veer from their goal to complete a beautiful project in a timely manner. From the beginning of the project (all 3 barns were my vision) to completion, their work ethic and high moral code shined through. They made every attempt to design and build the barns exactly as I wanted and even improved on the design at times.
It will not surprise you that every person with any knowledge of construction has been extremely impressed by the craftsmanship that went into creating our barns. Our neighbor in Cheyenne stated: “Your barn is built better than my house!” I have had many people stop and inquire “who built this incredible barn?” and then proceed to take their name and number. Even the builder that will be breaking ground on our home next month in Loveland asked for Tim’s number as he had several clients that would like a barn with such quality and he wasn’t sure he could deliver at such a fair price.
I feel that it’s important to add that Duramacks makes it their express goal to leave their customer happy! They did not call the project “completed” until it was to my very liking and approval. Impressive! Hard to find!
My only regret is that Duramacks couldn’t build my home in Loveland. It would give me great peace of mind knowing that the quality and integrity they provide would have sheltered our family. But for now…I have peace knowing that our horse barn was created in that same way. I can’t say enough about this company.