Hello to our Customers.

We have started to build another Duramacks Shop / Polebarn for one of our customers on the north side of Cheyenne WY.
We thought it might be interesting for everyone if we sent out a daily update of our progress.
So look for an update each day!
First of all you want to hear about the details, right?  With this project our customer already had future plumbing installed before we started.
It will be a pole barn 40 ft. x 60 ft. plus a porch. The side walls are 10 ft. tall and it will have two overhead doors.  Since we are only going to be doing the shell of this shop it should be finished pretty quickly.

We welcome you to call us at 307-635-4333 and schedule a project tour of this shop / polebarn.

So here is our Progress Report.  Check Back often and sign-up for updates to our News Items!

  • Day 1 (Friday 4/14/17)   Lumber package is laid out and pad is ready for Monday.40x60 Polebarn


  • Day 2 (Monday 4-17-17)   The crew dug the holes and set the posts.  They are ready for truss carriers. 40x60 Pole Barn


  • Day 3 (Tuesday 4/18/17)  We set the trusses today!  It was a beautiful day with sun in the morning and clouds this afternoon.

40x60 shop

  • Day 4 (Wednesday 4/19/17)  Due to our Wyoming wind today we continued framing the roof system.  We built bird boxes on the corner of the eaves, and finished framing the man doors and the overhead doors. Our crew also set the header for the porch. We will wait to put the metal on until a calmer day.

Polebarn framing

  • Day 5 ( 4/20/17)  Today was a beautiful day!  We were able to install the roof and we installed most of the windows and doors.  We also started trimming. Framing windows and doors
  • framing windows and doors
  • Day 6 (4/21/17)  We had rain and snow today! We decided to try to find some inside work to do today.  Have a good weekend and we will see you again next week.

Polebarn framing