Glu-Lam Posts

We have chosen to make Glu-Lam Post our standard post option. Glu-Lam post because of their unique construction using finger-jointing and permanent, below ground adhesives are proven to be much stronger then conventional wood post. This kiln-dried post is much less likely to split and crack. Using the Glu-Lam post increases the overall integrity of your building because of their exactness in dimension and straightness. Using the Glu-Lam also has atheistic benefits, because the treated part of the post shows only one foot above the ground line, this allows the post to match the rest of the buildings interior framing. Glu-Lam post are backed by a 50 year warranty.

We add “wind uplift protection” to all of our post.

Each of the post are embedded approximately 5 ft. into the ground and set on a 18″ diameter concrete footing.